Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini's New Wardrobe...

Mini's idea of a perfect isolation outfit...We hear one of the side effects of chemo is extreme body temperature changes...So, Mini has a legitimate excuse for more Aeropostale hoodies...good thing they're on sale...just $14.99  
Just click here...

Today, after school (because Mini does not want to miss one minute of school) we go to the clinic for a type and cross of Mini's blood...she has, what we hope will be her last chronic transfusion tomorrow.  We thought she would be done with transfusions but, because the transplant has been pushed back we need to do one more.  The good news is, Mini's ferritin level, although not high enough to warrant a liver biopsy...Yeah.

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  1. That's my doesn't slow down just because the donor does :)