Monday, September 13, 2010

Watch this true story of Utah Jazz Star, Carlos Boozer and his wife, Cici Boozer's Journey through Sickle Cell Bone Marrow Transplant

Visit Boozer Buddies for more information.

This video is amazing...Watching it let's me know that we are not alone...and it validates my feelings and fears...It truly explains everything that Mini and I have been going through...For 14 years, we have lived parallel lives with this family...minus the opportunity to have a baby to save Mini. I would have had 10 babies to save her, but that just wasn't in the cards for being a single mom and all...We were fortunate enough to find a match on the Bone Marrow Registry...TTL.


  1. Wishing and praying for a sucessful surgery and a quick recovery. Many blessings...

  2. hey you guys, thinking of you guys and think your new blog is an amazing idea! i'll follow along for sure, sending positive wishes along each day :)

  3. Hey family,
    This blog looks awesome, love the name and Mini's picture! Sending you lots of love and good wishes!