Monday, October 4, 2010

The latest news...UGH!

Mini hamming it up for the camera on the IKEA water taxi this summer

From Mini's Dr....

It was reported yesterday from the National Marrow Donor Program that the donor was deferred for medical reasons. Due to this status, we have chosen 2 more strong donors to come forward and have their HLA confirmatory typing done. I will update you as I hear from the NMDP regarding their responses. Note that since MINI has been going through this process, a donor was identified that was not there previously that appears to be very promising. That donor is one of the 2 I have requested. I apologize for this delay, however this process only confirms how important that the donor as well as the patient are reviewed thoroughly prior to beginning the transplant treatment plan. For some medical reason, the donor we had hoped would be the one for MINI is not eligible.

So, what does this mean?  Well, Mini will continue to go to school and we will live our lives as if she is not going into transplant...meaning, Mini will continue to take her medications, continue to go into clinic every 4 weeks for a blood transfusion...we will continue to be vigilant about removing the extra iron from her blood...As having too much iron in her body could delay her transplant even further...Oh, and of course, now with flu season coming we must stay away from sick people...Funny, since I got that order from Mini's Dr...I see sick people everywhere...

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  1. God is the author of who we are and where we are to go.You are a finished product in God but a raw material on the earth. Stay blessed!!!