Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Transplant Day...

...not.  Today was Mini's scheduled transplant day...they told us yesterday that her bone marrow is coming from another country...so it will take a day to get here...tomorrow is our day...1/5/11...mini is feeling better...they give her a powerful nausea medicine...it really helps her feel better...her taste buds are changing...she only wants to eat cheese...or cheese flavored foods....lol.  Today she ate two grilled cheese sandwiches...she's also really thirsty...and the water they give her is warm...she's not allowed ice...Mini  keeps calling for me to bring her cold water and cheese doodles...

She's doing really well for a 14 year old girl who can't leave a room the size of a closet...with no toilet...just a potty...and less than basic cable...but, Mini's attitude is still super...she's like a rare animal in the zoo...everyone keeps coming by to see the girl with the wonderful spirit...smile.  Her tutor came by today...they worked on fractions...now she's doing yoga with a yoga instructor...so, I have a break...I'm at the Ronald McDonald House eating soup and blogging...the Ronald McDonald House is an amazing place...so please drop your change in their collection box next time your in McDonald's...they really do good work.

P.s...she still has all her hair...the nurse wanted to know if we want to cut it off or let it fall out naturally...Mini doesn't care either way...I think we'll wait and see what happens...


  1. Reading both of your blogs everyday brings a joy to my life that you may never know. I discuss Mini's progress with all my co-workers as if she is my own daughter. Then on the flip side I will discuss the great decorative ideas I also pick up while reading Soul Pretty. You both will continue to be in my prayers. God works in a great way because one of my New Years Focuses(I prefer focus over resolutions) was to dedicated myself to a charity and stay dedicated to that charity for a lifetime. Ronald McDonald's house just may be that organization. : )

  2. Peace and blessings to you and lovely Mini.

  3. Hey Donna
    not sure you remember me but we connected a few years ago through the blogoshpere after discovering we had a lot of similarities (single mothers, medically fragile daughters, love for design/creativity, etc...)
    anyway, i have continued to think of you and check-in on you and mini every now and then. Just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with the both of you. I hope that all goes well with the transplant and it makes a big improvement in mini's health/quality of life. although i have no idea what it is like to have to deal with chemo, transplants and the like, i do know the toll (that dealing with hospitilizations, medical isolation, surgeries and all the other things that parents of chronically ill children face) will take on you. Please take care of yourself the best that you possibly can right now. if you need anything--something made/sent to you or mini, or as a donation to the hospital wing (not sure what the rules are about that with the sterile ennvironment)--PLEASE email me (imlovingeveryday@gmail.com) and let me know. i'd love to help :)

    sending my love,