Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life Unexpected...

...So, tomorrow is my birthday and it just got me thinking...what a difference a year makes.  This time last year I was still trying to get over my mom's passing...and finally, after researching and fighting the DOE all summer Mini was enjoying her first semester at a wonderful new school...Medically, there were no changes to her condition...she was stable...I was kinda feeling like I could finally take a deep breath.  I had even taken a trip down to Georgia, seriously considering a change was needed in our lifestyle.  Little did I know what the Universe had in store for Mini and Me.  Mini being cured wasn't even on my radar...I mean, it could only be done with a sibling right? ...and her dad had made it clear, that wasn't going to happen...So, I put it in the back of my mind...Then one day I heard about a seminar the hospital was putting on about bone marrow transplant...I attended - reluctantly, expecting to hear the same old thing...instead I heard something new...something I had never heard before...for the first time I heard,"YES" we can do it...and we can do it with an unrelated bone marrow transplant...Still, I did not get my hopes up...I mean, the news at the time was full of stories about minority children not having any matches on the bone marrow registry...I assumed Mini would face the same fate...I assumed wrong!  My Mini actually had 13 matches on the registry...and I don't say this lightly...sometimes it troubles me, why, how can some people be so ______ I don't even know what word to use...but there they were...the universe was ready to change her life...but, were we ready?  We meet our fair share of obstacles getting to treatment...I think back now about how many times we almost turned around and said, forget it.  We can't do this.  But Mini did it...and once she made up her mind to have it done...she never wavered...and here we are today...not exactly out of the woods...but, so much further than we ever expected to be this time last year.  What a birthday present.

So, I said all of that to say, I felt now was a good time to change up the blog...make it more light and match the way were feeling today...February 2011...What a difference a year makes.

Images from last year 2010

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