Monday, May 9, 2011

Just a typical Mother's Day for me...

...I had this whole wonderful mother's day post ready for you guys on friday...but I guess life had other plans.  Friday, I took Mini to the doctor to have the mediport removed from her chest. (this is what has been used for the last 6 the doctors easy access to her veins during her monthly blood transfusions)  What was supposed to be a joyous celebration almost turned into a tragedy.  During the surgery a piece of the tubing came loose and became logged in her blood vessel...UGH!  She was rushed into emergency surgery and I'm happy to report all is well...But, what an ordeal...there I was all alone when the doctor came out to give me the news...all I heard him say was wah, wah, wah...wah, wah.  And we thought living with sickle cell, suffering two strokes, surviving two brain surgeries, getting monthly blood transfusions and then an un-related bone marrow transplant were dangerous?  Apparently not.

...So, this is what I did for myself for mother's day...I baked a cake.  It was all I could do to get out of bed... I think I deserve to eat the whole thing.  Isn't it pretty?  It taste better than it looks...YUM!  I hope you all had a better mother's day than I did.

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  1. oh you guys have been through the ringer! you must be nearing an end though to all of the hospital visits, just remember that...and you're right, you do deserve to eat the whole cake ;) (looks yummy!)