Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Flu is Here

So...Mini ran a fever last week. We ended up in the hospital for a blood work and a round of IV antibiotics...just in case...Two days of that and mini still had a temperature of 102.8....ugh!

Mini was finally diagnosed with the flu after an evening run to the ER...we were sent home with a prescription for Tamiflu....and isolation.

So...Mini cannot return to school until she has been without fever for 24 hours...I had to reschedule Mini's MRI...hopefully she will be well enough to take a scheduled neuro-psych exam next week....Ugh! Last week was just a quick reminder of the life we used to live before Mini's bone marrow transplant...not fun.


  1. Hi, I would like to say that I stumbled across your blog after a google search of sickle cell + bone marrow/stem cell transplant + blog and I am remarkably affected by your resolve, commitment, and detailed account of 'Mini's' journey. I read the entire blog in one sitting. Yours and Mini's story motivated me to push ahead. Here's my personal story, nearly two years ago, my baby of 3 was born with Sickle Cell SC type. It was unknown that I was a carrier of the 'C' trait. It was known that my husband is a carrier of the 'S' trait as my daughter inherited the 'S' trait. Blessed and thankfully, my son has not encountered any SC related complications; however, it doesn't completely eradicate my nervousness about this diagnosis but it does allow me to breath day-by-day (of course). To the end, perhaps it will be my son's destiny to be cured as it was Mini's because there is nothing more than I would deeply desire for his health and that is one without the potential complications of SCA. I look forward to your next post, by our accounts of curiosity, did the donor agree to meet Mini? I have truly benefited from your courage to share!

    1. Hi HappyLiving,

      I'm not sure your reading this, but if you are...please email me at so we can chat.

      Keep your head up...the cure is on the way.