Friday, October 22, 2010

Best 10 out of 10

Good News...Mini has another PERFECT HLA match!  The person they were working up last week...turns out to be perfectly matched to Mini...Now things will begin moving fast...Mini and the donor will be bought into the hospital for additional screenings...I'm grateful, fearful, nervous, anxious and thankful...just a ball of emotions...

Mini on the other hand is confused and anxious too...she just auditioned for the school play and is running for class president...UGH!

Why is it important for HLA type to match?
If the HLA antigens are the same between the donor and the recipient, neither will recognize the other as foreign.

If the HLA antigens are different...

The donor bone marrow cells may recognize the recipient cells as foreign and attack the recipient. This can range from mild to fatal. It is known as Graft versus Host or GVH GVH is a major risk in all BMT.

Chances that someone other than a sibling are a perfect match are about 1 in 100,000. hamming it up last year...

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