Monday, October 18, 2010

Donor Update...

...I spoke with our Transplant Coordinator today...she informed me that one of the two donors she wanted to work up has not responded to her request...DANG.   Why do people do that...sign up to be a donor and then don't respond when they are contacted to do just that?  I know better than most, that life happens...and just because your heart was in it at one time doesn't mean it will always be there.  Good thing for Mini there's another donor who responded favorably to our request and is being worked up as we speak...We should know something in about 10 days...cross your fingers.

p.s. today was picture day at Mini's school...put a check next to not missing 8th grade graduation photos...yeah.  She's so worried about all the 8th grade rites of passage that she will miss...So today was definitely a good day.