Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day One and Two...

Mini and I checked into transplant yesterday...Not fun...Not fun at all...Let me try to describe it...Mini entered her 5' x 9' room and can not exit the room for the next 6 weeks...Her dad, nurses, child life specialist, dr.'s, a tutor and me are the only people allowed in the room at any given time...the room has no door...just a curtain and what I call, "a wall of wind"...If more than 3 people are in the room at one time...we have to turn the wall on HIGH...which means the air must be filtered quickly and loudly...anyone  entering the room must suit up...scrub your hand, wear a yellow jumper and put on gloves...but, for some strange reason we don't need to cover our shoes...Isn't that the dirtiest part of our bodies?  Because we all wear shoes, anything that falls on the floor must be sterilized swiftly...So you can image us all in the room with the fan blowing loudly, watching every item...making sure nothing touches the ground...UGH!  Oh yeah, if you leave the room for any reason, you must remove your gown and gloves...re-wash your hands and put on a new gown before re-entering the room...UGH!  I just sat in the hall outside Mini's room yesterday...too overwhelmed with all the procedures...Don't worry, I did better today...the child life specialist bought over all kinds of arts and crafts...YEAH!  I made Mini a friendship bracelet...pics later...wasn't up to cleaning the camera just to take a picture...

Now for the good news...Mini is still AMAZING!  She has had two additional days of chemo with NO side effects...two doctors heard about her and had to stop by the see the amazingly strong girl...smile.  Mini said her goal is to leave this hospital without any side effects to anything...including the bone marrow...and I think she'll do it...

Mini will have surgery tomorrow at 2:00 p.m....she needs a brovack port placed in her chest to receive her medicine and bone marrow more easily...that means she can't eat anything after midnight until her surgery is done tomorrow...the nurses and I promised her a red velvet cupcake and a donut after surgery...Don't even get me started on the food...UGH!

I'm staying at the Ronald McDonald House right next door to the hospital...beautiful...more on that later...I'm tired.


  1. I follow bother of your blogs and I pray that your mini will come through her transplant safely. It is obvious that God is firmly in her corner and surrounds her at all times. May he continue to provide her with his grace and mercy!
    Good luck Mini

    God bless you mommy.. she is a strong girl besides she has to rule her school again..

  2. Go Mini! Go Mommy!

    I'm praying for you guys! I know this is going to be ok!

    : )

  3. oh my goodness! soooo thinking of you guys. how amazing is mini then? staying cool and collected like that, it's the parents who feel everything right? hang in there, keep being creative, it will help. glad to hear her care is exceptional and that the people are so good to you guys!

  4. cheering y'all on and sending good vibes! :-D


    and that's such a nice photo of ms. mini.

  5. Sending good energies your way! Yay! Mini, and Mom...