Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Price of Medication...

I picked up one of Mini's medications from the pharmacy today...a 30 day supply of Anti-fungal medication cost $3,000.00...Yes.  This is not a typo...Our insurance covered it...but, WTF?  What if it didn't????  I had no idea how mentally challenging this would be for me...The idea that I can in no way afford this treatment without insurance is really weighing on me...

...I just have to believe...


  1. Oh My God, i can't believe that medication could be that expensive. That is beyond my comprehension. What a head trip!!! I truly know how emotional this is for you but you hold it together like a warrio! I know that sometimes you must think to yourself, (when people tell you that), What am I supposed to do? I know I think that sometimes and don't understand what they expect me to do but looking at you, now I know what they mean. We could crumble, but we don't!! We continue to trust in God and keep it moving. Love you sooo much. (tears falling)

  2. That is insane! You are right, what about those that don't have insurance? Just not right that medication cost so much. Where does it all end?
    Your journey has been so windy and rocky at times. I admire you for your strength and faith. Just know that there are many out here sending you positive energy.