Monday, December 13, 2010

Going into transplant...

So, we got the official news last week that Mini is going into transplant tomorrow.  Her team has found a perfect match (thank you to everyone for your love and prayers) Mini and I will take an evening spin through the Emerald City to see the tree and lights and ice skating...Tomorrow begins a journey that will change our lives...


  1. so happy for mini, and you! i'll be thinking about you guys and about what a perfect holiday gift this really is! enjoy the lights ;)

  2. This is an amazing gift for an amazing person. Enjoy every minute of the city's beauty and the beauty in all the love felt for you two.

  3. Mini Mini Mini - You shine brighter than the tree...I am inspired by you.... and can't wait to congratulate you on the soon be be new journey.
    Beautiful - Inspiring + All Are.