Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our pre-transplant schedule...

I got this email from Mini's doctor yesterday..We did all these tests back in August...and didn't go into transplant...So now Mini has to do them all over again...UGH!  Looks like we'll be spending all day Friday at the doctors...we were looking forward to going to see the windows in Manhattan...Oh well...Looks like this may actually be happening next week...but, according to the doctor it's still not official...

To Me:

Thanks for being so understanding with having to repeat these tests. Here is the information:
12 noon: Pulmonary Function Tests with Ed at ...
2PM: Appointment on the 4th floor PACTC for (more!) bloodwork- we need to repeat the hemoglobin electrophoresis post-blood transfusion.
3:30PM: Echocardiogram and EKG 

Somewhere in between all these appointments, we'll need to fit it a chest and sinus xray (which do not require appointments). Both are done in radiology on the second floor .  I'm thinking the most likely time for this will be before the echocardiogram. However, should there not be enough time in between, this can be done after the echocardiogram- you can play it by ear!
Again, thanks for your understanding!


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