Monday, December 20, 2010

We have been home for three days now and, although it's wonderful, it poses its own challenges. Since Mini is still really immune-suppressed, We are sort of on house arrest. Public places are off-limits to Mini, as well as people with coughs and runny noses.  ... Mini can go to clinic and home and that's about it.  It's also a little nerve-wracking being away from the hospital. Take yesterday, Mini was complaining that her neck hurts...and I start thinking, "Uh-oh, what is this?  
Having to tune into and monitor what's going on in Mini's body is my worst nightmare. It was much more reassuring to have the nurse come in every couple of hours, take her temperature, blood pressure, etc. and say "Your okay".  We have already made one false alarm trip to the ER...UGH!

While walking around Manhattan the other night...Mini and I did a lot of  window shopping...and she loved these dress...and wants to wear them to prom...I'm going to park the images here and see if she still likes them 4 years from now...when she actually goes to prom.  I think my Mini has a little, BAP in her...Black American

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