Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini's Amazing Adventure...It's not over yet...

...Well Mini has okay'd the release of this  After her hair started falling out we just cut it off...and she started glowing as you can see...Oh yeah, were home...3 weeks early...Mini's counts are up...she is 100% donor blood...with no sickle cells...YES!  She is not out of the woods just yet but we have created a clear path.

I just want to thank all of you and your friends and families for all the prayers that were sent up for my Mini...believe me, we felt them everyday in the transplant unit and so did everyone who came in contact with Mini while she was there...nothing but GOD...that's what everyone keep saying...nothing but GOD.


  1. sitting here crying my eyes out--so glad To hear you're doing great--MINI, your head is beautiful---you will have curls on your head in no time to go with that beautiful smile---I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MOM!

  2. I think she looks beautiful. She is so clearly a blessing. wow.

  3. What a ray of sunshine she is. You guys keep hanging in there!

  4. What a beautiful smile!!! I cannot put into words how much Mini inspires me. I will continue to pray for you guys!!! What A blessing. Now I must go and wipe my eyes.