Monday, January 31, 2011


Mini got a wig this weekend...she loves much so, we just had to take photos...they turned out so wonderful...I can't wait to upload them to to get prints...

 ...a firework.

...Classic look between a dad and his 14 year old daughter. 

So, the P.R. department at the hospital contacted me today...they would like to do a press conference with our family...It turns out that Mini is the first child to receive an un-related bone marrow transplant to cure sickle cell at our hospital...Who ho!  I can't wait to spread the word about our experience and how Mini is benefitting from being a brave, brave little girl...I want her to be a beckon of light for other kids who are suffering and looking for freedom from their pain...Mini can't wait.


  1. Can you tell mini that she is beautiful with or without that wig. I love that dress she is wearing.

  2. I love her with or without it! Mini is just a gorgeous child!