Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day...

My Mini is a clever girl...she stitched hair onto her beenie. (DIY later...I'm sure there are a lot of people who could use this.)  It looks so cool...No wig needed for now.  Mini woke up early this morning, took a shower, ate breakfast, took her medicine and logged onto her computer...all ready to Skype into her first two periods at school...when we received an email that school is closed today due to the snow...ugh!  She was so excited...tomorrow.

Mini in her room....just 20 days out of transplant and still a cover girl...

Since having her bone marrow transplant Mini's having weird pain in her back, ankles and feet...we emailed her doctor today and he thinks it may be caused by the steroid she's taking...he will take her off the steroid after day +28 of transplant...which I believe is February 2nd...Until then stock up on the Tylenol...

Mini's Sickle Cell Disease didn't really manifest itself as pain (I know, weird)...she had strokes...Mini said she now knows what Sickle Cell pain feels like...her pain is constant and she can't really stand up for long periods of time...Hum...!?


  1. This kid is just ultra fab!

    I'm sorry she's having pain. I have the trait, but as a child, I always had the aching joints in the fingers, toes and knees. And it was horrible. Did the doctor say anything about massages?

    Here's to Mini feeling better! Hang in their Mini!